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Student Leadership & Engagement

Student Leadership & Engagement at Union

Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Union University hosts over ninety active student organizations for students who are interested in almost any field of study or activity. From biologists to actors to those who want to work with elementary school students in Jackson, there is a place for every student who wants to be involved outside of the classroom. In fact, the typical undergrad chooses to be involved in several of these groups during his or her time at Union.

To view a list of the active campus organizations, check out the student organizations guide. Here, you can find brief descriptions of the on-campus groups and a way to contact those who are involved if you would like more information. Some groups also have specific membership requirements, so be sure to read the group descriptions or contact the president or sponsor for more information about those special situations.

Are you a current student who would like to start a new organization? New groups that help to make campus life better are always welcome, and we have done our best to make forming organizations as easy as possible. To form a new organization, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for new campus organizations and outline of the approval process, and then complete the Proposed Student Organization Application. If you need help setting up a framework for your group, please consult this example constitution.

All active organizations hold two seats on the Student Senate, the legislative branch of the Student Government Association. Senators from active organizations are able to present legislation to the full Senate, including allocation bills that cover expenses resulting from activities and initiatives that benefit the entire student body. For more information, please read to the Student Government Association and Student Senate webpages.