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Greek Life

Greek Life at Union

Greek Life

Greek Life

Currently, Union University hosts six national fraternities and sororities on our campus and all six are consistently honored with local and national awards and recognitions. Three groups have male members, and three have female members.

Union's goal is to produce Christian men and women who view life through the lens of Scripture and act accordingly to God-given wisdom and integrity. Greek life at Union seeks to support the university in reaching this goal by developing men and women of integrity.

A number of colleges and universities maintain a passionate dedication to Christian education. Many more feature active Greek organizations that are important to campus life and culture. Union University is a member of the smallest group of schools that has found a way to maintain a Greek system within an educational context that is unashamedly Christ-centered.

If you would like to know more about joining one of these groups or see how they work together to govern themselves and serve the campus and community, read more about the Interfraternity Council, which oversees men's groups, or the Panhellenic Council, which oversees women's groups.

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  • Greek Life Event Form: PDF | DOCX
  • Greek Life Post-Philanthropy/Service Event Form: PDF | DOCX

Greek Advisors

  • Emma Cate Hare, Panhellenic Advisor, or 731.661.5244

Considerations for Hosting Events

Calendar of Events